You have the solution for immobiliser related problems with ZED-FULL


zed fullZED FULL



Zed Full is the most professional and the unique all in one immobiliser device
in the world with these features;
Fix and crypto transponder cloning,
Remote cloning
Eeprom applications to generate transponder datas and pincodes
Programming key-remote through OBD-II ports on car
for various car brands.
Zed FuLL is designed to meet all your needs related with electronic side of
locksmithing and Immobiliser systems. Zed FULL has 5 different antennas for 125
Khz transponder reading and cloning, reading 13,56 Mhz hotel door cards& tags,
measuring 315,433,868 Mhz remote signals, Reading and cloning Holden
Commodore remote keys and programming keys for VAG Group cars.
Regular updates will keep you at the top and one step ahead from all of your

Designed to operate completely stand alone
Can also be used with pc All applications are combined in single hardware and cable and Trucks are included.
Zed-FULL device has the following items and hardwares:

Aluminium case to hold the complete device and accessories

zed fullzed


- HD Graphic Touch screen. 

800x480, 7 inches, HD coloured LCD touch screen.

zed full

Large graphic lcd screen can display more text and high definiton pictures  to please customers

- Wireless communication with pc through bluetooth.

Integrated bluetooth interface for wireless communication with PC.


Reading, identifying and cloning transponders including latest crypto systems. 
- Eeprom & MCU applications and built in Eeprom & MCU programmer. 
- Cloning vehicle remote keys.Vehicle, garage, alarm remote frequency tester. 

- Holden Commodore key cloning and programming. 
- Built in server for tranponder and remote cloning (no need internet)  
- Transponder production (generete dealer keys). 
- Virginise remotesn transponders. 
- Stand alone usage without PC. 
- Online upgradable

New design transponder antenna, designed for smart keys, card keys, glass and  carbon transponders.



- Reading & identifying Mifare cards. 

Integrated antenna to read & write to 13,56 Mhz mifare cards.


- Built in DC Voltmeter and cuicuit tester.



Easy to use applications for vehicle, garage and alarm remotes

- Testing IR remotes. 
- Detecting and measuring 315, 433, 868, 915 mhz RF remote frequencies. 
- Cloning Vehicle remotes to IEA production emulator remotes. 
- Cloning general use (Garage, barrier, alarm etc.) remotes to IEA production emulator remotes.




All applications in single hardware and single cable. Programming different brand passanger cars and trucks is not a dream with Zed-FULL


Steering Wheel Holder for you to work easily on the car



- OBD Applications

Zed-FULL is designed to extract the pincode automatically from the car
through OBD port during key-remote programming procedure. Zed-FULL has
VAG(Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat), Opel-Vauxhall, Renault-Dacia, Toyota-Lexus,
Ford-Mazda(Europa, USA, Australia), Falcon, Fiat-Lancia, Daewoo-Chevrolet,
Hyundai-Kia, Peugeot-Citroen, Nissan, Proton, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda,
Holden,Isuzu, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, GMC, GM, Renault-Volvo Truck(24Volt) key
and remote programming functions via OBD-II port on the car

- Pin Code extraction, key and remote programming via OBD 
- Key and remote programming for Hyundai-Kia vehicles.   
- Immobilizer system synchronisation (ECU-Instrument Cluster, ECU-Immobiliser box, Instrument Cluster-Immobiliser box etc.. matching) comming soon...

Eeprom programmer module, port for adapter connection


Eeprom and MCU Applications
Zed-FULL currently has 159 different eeprom applications. With eeprom
applications, you can get pincode or generate precoded or working transponders for
the car. You just need to remove immobox, ECU or BSI from the car and read the
correct eeprom or MCU. Without need of computer, Zed-FULL will generate the
transponder datas or the pin code of the car. All the details related with the immobox,
BSI, ECU will be shown on the wide-touch screen of the Zed-FULL. Making eeprom
applications would not be easier than this way. In addition to this, Zed-FULL PC
software also will allow you to make eeprom applications if you already have binary,
hex file of the eeprom & MCU.

Eeprom programmer module, port for adapter connection


Transponder Programming, pin code calculation, original and emulator remote programming with Eeprom Applications

- Stand alone usage, more pictures, more details, more instructions. 
- Programmmed and free key slot display for the Eeprom Dump. 
- Ready given virgin and set files for recovery, ability to load user files. 
- Integrated Eeprom & MCU Programmer. 
- Many more new applications and updates.





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